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PUEBLO WEST, CO – San Isabel Electric Association, Inc. is getting ready to host the 2015 Annual Membership Meeting this coming Saturday (9/19)! And we just couldn’t wait to tell all of our Members the good news!

Over the past decade, San Isabel’s employees and Board of Directors have been working diligently to keep rates low, keep reliability stable and produce the most value for all of our Members. While the road has been bumpy at times, the future road ahead looks very promising.

San Isabel Electric is happy to announce there will be NO projected rate increases until 2020! That means over the past decade (2010-2020), San Isabel only needed to raise rates once and that was last year! This is very exciting news considering rates were raised seven times in 2002 from 2009 for a total of 57 percent and an average of 8 percent per year!

Not only are we showing a financial forecast of no rate increases until 2020, San Isabel Electric has also made the dedication to retire $1 million dollars of Sweet Rewards back to the Membership every year! Giving back to our Members, the stakeholders in the company, is just one example of The Cooperative Difference.

San Isabel has 9,600 square miles of service area to serve; that’s bigger than Rhode Island, Connecticut and Delaware put together! While the mile of line and service area we serve is very large, San Isabel overcomes these obstacles to be a great company and now the Membership is fully benefiting from all of this hard work.

On September 19th, San Isabel and all of its Members have the opportunity to celebrate no projected rate increases until 2020 and the Members earning cash back in their wallets each year! The Annual Membership Meeting will be held this Saturday at John Mall High School in Walsenburg, CO. We encourage you to join us on The Road Ahead!

As a member-owned, rural cooperative, serving Southern Colorado, San Isabel Electric Association, Inc. is a not-for-profit utility providing electricity to nearly 19,000 Members and 24,000 meters. San Isabel Electric Association, Inc. has been keeping the lights on since 1938 and is eager to continue lighting the lives of its Members.