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PUEBLO WEST, CO – San Isabel Electric Association, Inc. experienced one of the windiest days of the season thus far, causing scattered outages on Friday, December 11, 2015.  Beginning at approximately 8:00AM, reports of a fallen San Isabel pole on an Aguilar I-25 exit ramp were reported; a total of 10 poles were compromised throughout the day resulting in a maximum peak of nearly 500 outages. Impacted areas included: Trinidad, Aguilar, La Veta, Colorado City and Rye. All power was restored by 4PM.

Wind gusts were the culprit for all scattered outages on Friday, December 11th. Chief Operating Officer, Darryl Stewart, began assembling crews early in the morning as a cautionary measure, as SIEA also warned Members of possible-outages throughout the day. Although outage numbers were relatively low compared to average winter outages, 85% of power was restored by Noon, the fallen poles reflected how damaging winter weather can be. Stewart remarked, “December 11th was a windy day for Southern Colorado and an extremely busy day for our operations’ crews. We lost 10 poles in the morning including 5-69 kV poles in Aguilar. All power was restored by 3:45PM, I’m very proud of the crews who worked together to restore such physical damage to our equipment, these guys know what they’re doing.”

San Isabel Electric’s team is continuing to make outages fewer and prepare Members for when they do happen. Communications and Operations have teamed-up to author a comprehensive outage preparedness plan, specific for the weather conditions of San Isabel’s service territory and applicable for every demographic. As always, Members were updated throughout the day via the San Isabel Electric Facebook and the local media. SIEA sent out an e-mail survey to all Members last week to better-understand what means of communication works best for them, especially when few options are feasible without power.  Knowledge of what Members want and utilizing these tools will allow SIEA to keep Members in-the-know even when they are experiencing an outage. For updates, tips and tricks, find and “Like” San Isabel Electric on Facebook!

As a not-for-profit cooperative utility, San Isabel Electric Association, Inc. provides electricity to rural communities through Southern Colorado. Serving 20,000 Members, San Isabel Electric Association has been keeping the lights on since 1938.