Annual Meeting Video 2021

For the safety of our members and employees due to COVID-19, the format of our 2021 annual membership meeting was changed to an online-only meeting. Thank you to our members who participated in this event. A $20 bill credit will be applied to the accounts of members who pre-registered prior to the annual meeting on the bill they receive in November. The bill credit is this year’s registration gift.

Bylaw Vote

At the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Membership which was held Saturday, September 18, the membership voted to amend the Bylaws for SIEA.

You may also have received a ballot in the mail for the membership to consider amending the bylaws.  This year the Colorado legislature passed a bill regarding co-op governance.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the legislature has provided for co-ops to allow voting by electronic means and to allow both directors and members to attend meetings by remote or electronic means. The Board of Directors felt these provisions would allow more participation by the membership in the affairs of our Association and therefore, they recommended approval of the proposed by law changes.  

The total number of ballots received by mail and on-site was 1,409.  There were 1,267 votes in favor of the proposed changes and 140 votes opposed the changes.

Total Mail-In Ballots 1,408   Total On-Site Ballots 1
Approve Votes 1,266   Approve Votes 1
Disapprove Votes 140   Disapprove Votes 0
Unexercised 2   Unexercised 0
Invalid 0   Invalid 0



Three director seats were open for election. San Isabel Electric’s 2021 Board of Directors election was uncontested. As a result, the cooperative did not mail director election ballots. The incumbent directors will serve another three-year term.


  • District 3 Gardner, Trinidad East, & Vicinity: Edward “Ray” Garcia
  • District 5 Town of Walsenburg & Vicinity: Jacque Sikes
  • District 7 Aguilar, Trinidad West, & Vicinity: Joseph Costa


Door prize winners were randomly drawn from the pool of participants that were present in GoToWebinar for at least half of the virtual annual meeting.

E-Go electric lawn mower winner
Tom Beach

$50 Gift card winner
Winner has been notified. Waiting for permission to publish name.

$50 Gift card winner
Winner has been notified. Waiting for permission to publish name.

Ask The Manager

An email address has been created so that members can send in their question throughout the year. All of the questions, are listed below, in their original, unedited format. We have grouped questions regarding the same topic, and questions with common answers, into categories. Answers were provided by San Isabel Electric General Manager and Chief Executive Officer Reg Rudolph. We love our members and love hearing from you. If you have a question, please email us at AskTheManager@siea.com anytime.

Tech Issues


  • is someone actually speaking? My sounds up all the way and can’t hear anything. 
  • Why am I unable to hear anything? 

I’m sorry you were not able to hear anyone speaking. A recording of the meeting is posted at https://SIEA.com/AnnualMeeting2021 if you’re still interested.

Viewing Issues 

  • started, yes, keeps stopping-freezing, then picks up a few more words…???? 
  • still stopping -starting…?? 
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We are sorry to hear that you experienced some technical difficulties while participating or attempting to participate in our virtual annual meeting. If you missed it and are still interested, a recording of the meeting is posted at https://SIEA.com/AnnualMeeting2021.


  • This the chat for the current meeting? 

We saw you posted a comment about using the chat feature of the virtual annual meeting. However, the only question we received was, “this the chat for the current meeting?” Did you have a specific question? We’d be happy to answer any other questions you might have. Feel free to send them to AskTheManager@siea.com. 


  • The minutes are not available when clicking. Financial works though. 
  • I can’t get the second handout. This page isn’t workinghandouts-live.s3.amazonaws.com sent an invalid response. 

I’m sorry to hear you weren’t able to access the handout. Attached is a copy of the document you are looking for.

2020 Annual Meeting Minutes

2020 Financial Report

Web Address Issues

  • I keep trying to find a link, to no avail, to enter the drawing or whatever mentioned during the annual meeting. I also find difficulty with some of the communication from the on line stuff. Example: I got an e-mail which gave a link to register for the annual meeting which explained the ways to register. The first I tried had an on line form which required our account #. I did not have that number on hand and when I asked my wife, she said she didn’t keep the bill that might have had that information on it. Second I tried to call the 800 number given on the e-mail and It did not get me to a system to register. Third I called the phone number in the phone book and got registered. I did enjoy hearing about the thermal storage units and look forward to additional information 
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We are sorry to hear you had difficulty accessing the makeover’s webpage and pre-registration. We did receive about a dozen makeover applications over the weekend. It’s difficult to troubleshoot the reason you were not able to access the page on Saturday. Please try again. Here is a direct link to the page https://SIEA.com/HomeEnergyMakeover. If you are interested in a free energy audit, please email empower@siea.com to let us know you’d like to get on the schedule.

Meeting Time

  • I went to sign in at 2pm and it stated meeting already ended!  Was not aware the time was central time as just assumed it would be in zone we live in…Colorado time and sorry we missed it! 
  • That webinar was BS. It wouldn’t even let me on. It kept saying waiting for organizer and kept spinning and it did not even let me on… what a waste of time 

The host meeting software will custom tailer meeting times to match your device’s clock. If its’ clock is set to central time, your meeting invite likely indicated the meeting began at 2 p.m. In the future, it may be a good idea to set your computer’s clock to Mountain Time, to help avoid future issues like this. If you are still interested in watching the annual meeting, a full recording is available at https://siea.com/AnnualMeeting2021.


ETS Heaters

  • Are there ets heaters for homes as small as 1200 sq ft?

ETS heaters need to be sized for your home’s square footage and floor plan. Benji Clementi, our Energy Services Specialist would be able to answer your question better. I sent him your question on Tuesday. You should hear from him by the end of the week, if you haven’t already.

attic circulation

  • what type of system would siea have for the attic circulation? 

We do offer attic fans. Benji Clementi, our Energy Services Specialist would be able to give you more information about them than I could. I sent him your question on Tuesday. You should hear from him by the end of the week, if you haven’t already. 


  • Are there or will there be rebates for evaporative coolers? 

At this time, we do not have rebates for evaporative coolers. However, we do have several fans that compliment evaporative coolers very well. Would you be interested in a free energy audit? During the audit, an energy efficiency expert would evaluate the energy efficiency of your home and electric usage to recommend products and services to make your home more efficient and comfortable, based on your budget and lifestyle. If you’re interested, please email empower@siea.com to let us know you’d like to get on the schedule. You should hear from us within a week of sending the email.

Water Heaters

  • Hi. Does San Isabel contract people to install the water heater? What are the dimensions of a heater for a two people household?  Thank you. 

We do hire contractors to install water heaters for members. We only work with licensed and insured contractors that have been pre-screened to meet our high service and experience standards. Benji Clementi, our Energy Services Specialist would be able to better answer your question about sizing. I sent him your question on Tuesday. You should hear from him by the end of the week, if you haven’t already.


General Comment

  •  I have no voice.

One of the things I value most about in-person annual meetings is being able to speak to members face-to-face, one-on-one. I am not sure how to respond to your chat comment, “I have no voice,” because I am not sure what you meant. I’d like the opportunity to answer any questions you have or hear your thoughts on the meeting.

Capital Credits

  • Why not apply the capital credits to our bill instead of issuing a check? 

We are considering applying capital credits directly to bills, because some members have expressed they would prefer that than a check. If we move towards this practice, we would communicate it to members directly, through the media and social media. 

Bylaws Amendment

  • I noticed that the by-law amendment removed the requirement that ballots remained sealed until the deadline and I am concerned about the ease of voter tampering, even though I am pro online/remote voting.

We contract with a third-party vendor, Survey & Ballot Systems, for all of our voting purposes. They receive all ballots returned by mail, in person. Removing the requirement for the ballots to remain sealed allows Survey & Ballot Systems to begin verifying signatures on each ballot prior to the day of annual meeting.  By allowing verification of signatures earlier in the process, we are able to save our members money to be used for other purposes.  Ballots will continue to remain uncounted until the start of our annual meeting.


Budget/Monthly Billing

  • I sent an email asking if you’d considered budget monthly billing. Thanks 
  • Have you considered started a budget billing program so that every month but one is the same amount? Thanks 

We are actually looking at bringing back a budget billing program next year. Budget billing sounds good for a lot of members, because it adds some stability to monthly bill payments. We ended the program several years ago because a large percentage of members on the program were not aware that we were still reading their meter and were not aware that they owed extra money at the end of the budget-billing period. We do have lots of options to help control energy costs, including a pre-paid billing option as well as SmartHub’s, Energy Usage Alerts, Budget Gauge and Energy Explorer tools. If you’re interested in learning more about these programs, feel free to check out SIEA.com/WaysToPay for information about the pre-paid program. For more information about how to use SmartHub’s tools, go to SIEA.com/SmartHub, or call 800-279-SIEA and a Member Services Representative would be happy to help you out.


  • I live on 1st and Main Street in Walsenburg.  Why have we had so many interruptions in service in July (City Council Zoom Meeting), August and September. Often times the electric is off for only a couple of seconds, all the appliances have to be reset ( that is not good for the appliances and can break them).  Loaf n Jug, all of Main Street business, Huerfano County Offices and City Hall are effected costing time and money for Walsenburg.  What can be done to correct this situation? 

We have had a streak of outages in Walsenburg this summer. To help understand the situation, we are doing work on our main Substation in Walsenburg. Through our planning process, we determined that we had a couple of years before the main transformer in the substation would need replaced for one of a larger size. In March of this year we put in a temporary transformer to carry the load at the Walsenburg Substation and we started our rebuild process. This process included taking everything in the substation out and putting in all new equipment. This job is progressing as anticipated and we are planning on have the new substation energized in early 2022.

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Thank you’s and comments

  • thank you 
  • Thank you for the opportunity to be able to be present at the meeting. I appreciate being able to check in visually. 
  • yeah yay for electricity!?? 
  • hello Jacqie!  woo hoo.  small window good idea! 
  • Thank you for the twenty dollars being applied to my electric bill. 
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the SIEA annual meeting.  It was very informative and interesting.  And I would like to thank SIEA for supporting the Pueblo West Community Xeriscape Gardeners with a generous grant.  I’m a former volunteer at the PW Xeriscape Demonstration Garden and realize how important your generosity is for this community asset. 
  • Thanks to all of you for the $20.00 credit!   
  • We attended the meeting on my wife’s cell phone. She signed us in using my sign in code. We used the sign in instructions that was sent us to sign in on September 13, 2021 @ 1:12 pm.  etc. We signed into the GoToWebinar.com.  We are so in hopes to win a new lawn mower or a gift card. Check the voting registration to see where I voted to not hear the minutes from the 2020 meeting. We watched from start to the last word said.. I saw the recorded part of the meeting. Then the live part of the webinar where the 3 board members give their short acceptance message, the school systems that receive capital credit money’s, how a energy efficient heater works with core heating, So be kind and enter my name into the drawing. Our Honda mower is about  to make it’s final lap around the yard. So be kind and enter my name into the drawing. Our Honda mower is about  to make it’s final lap around the yard.