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Always Assume a Downed Power Line is Deadly

Overhead power lines carry thousands of volts of electricity. If a line is down, always assume it is energized and dangerous, even if the power is out in your area. Touching or getting near a live power line injures and kills.

Never approach an accident scene where a line is down or damaged. If you run toward the accident to help, you too could become a victim by entering the energized area.


Call 9-1-1 to report fallen or damaged power lines.


Remember: Power lines do not have to be arcing or sparking or making a humming noise to be live.


Do not attempt to move a downed line or anything it is touching with another object such as a stick or pole. Even materials that don’t normally conduct electricity can do so if they are slightly wet.


Line properties can change: Any power line that is dead could become energized at any moment due to power restoration or back feed from backup generators.


Stay at least 10 feet away from the downed power line.


Do not attempt to drive over a downed power line.


If a power line falls on your vehicle while driving, do not attempt to drive away or get out. Call for help and STAY INSIDE THE VEHICLE until utility crews say it is safe to get out. If there is a fire or you smell gasoline, hop out without touching the vehicle at the same time and DO NOT WALK, but hop away to safety.


Do not step in water or walk in debris near a downed power line.

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Electric safety poster contest

To help promote National Safety Month in June. Students in grades one through five were invited to enter their hand-drawn artwork about overhead powerline safety for an Electric Safety Poster Contest. Students were instructed to include a tip, slogan, or message about power line safety about one of the following power line safety concepts:  

  • Stay away from power lines 
  • Never touch a power line 
  • Maintain a 10-foot distace from power lines 
  • Accidents and downed power lines 
  • Bystanders and downed power lines.  

Stay away from downed power lines

Never touch a power line

Maintain a 10-foot distance

Accidents and downed power lines

Bystanders and downed power lines

2021 Electrical Safety Poster Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner

Natalie Funkhauser

3rd Grade



1st Grade Winner

Moises Hilario

Fisher’s Peak Elementary School


2nd Grade Winner

Emilee Pearson

Fisher’s Peak Elementary School


4th Grade Winner

Gabbi Montoya

Cedar Ridge Elementary School


5th Grade Winner

Keane Abeyta

Fisher’s Peak Elementary School