We sell solar

Buying solar directly from San Isabel Electric’s Empower program can save you thousands in upfront costs and interest. Empower offers complimentary products that can help you reduce your electric bill.

Tying Solar into the Electric Grid

Most solar systems are connected to the electric grid. These systems are called “grid-tied”, meaning that electricity can flow to and from the grid. When your solar array generates more power than your home needs, the excess is sent out onto the San Isabel Electric Association grid, where it is used nearby. Likewise, when your solar array isn’t producing enough electricity to meet your needs, you’re able to consume electricity from the SIEA grid. This is called net metering. Net metering is the policy that makes compensation for your solar electricity production possible, allowing you to offset your electric bill with that production. In Colorado, net metering allows for a one-to- one credit for your solar electricity.

Your bill and Net Metering

Your bill will still come to you on a monthly basis and can be paid by all the standard means. Your new bill will reflect several key things:

1. Generation – How much your solar system put back on to the SIEA grid
2. Consumption – How many kWh your residence used from SIEA
3. Bank – this is how many kWh you have stored in excess and is rolled over month to month until May
4. Access Charge – $20 per month and is unavoidable by any excess generation

For Members

SIEA has a full Net Metering program available to its Membership and highly encourages its Members to call SIEA first to make sure they are getting the facts about renewables before installation. The electricity you produce is equal in value to the electricity you receive from San Isabel Electric. So, if your solar array produces one kWh of electricity, you can directly reduce your electric bill by one kWh. If that kWh of solar electricity is generated when you don’t need it, it will be stored in your SIEA kWh bank and rolled over month to month. Your consumption will always be used out of your kWh bank first and is cashed out yearly in May at current SIEA avoided costs.

If you have any questions, please email empower@siea.com or call 719-647-6250.

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For Contractors

1.  System capacity is limited to 10kw or 120% nameplate for residential.

2. System capacity is limited to 25kw or 120% nameplate for commercial.

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