PUEBLO WEST, CO – San Isabel Electric Association is looking to the future to improve reliability and keep rates steady through its 2018 Board approved budget and work plan. While offering the same quality service, San Isabel is excited to announce system improvements that will focus on reliability, while keeping rate stability through 2021. This work plan is a shining example of what the cooperative difference offers its membership.

During San Isabel Electric’s recent annual meeting, the announcement of rate stability through 2021 was declared. With the completed work plan, San Isabel is proud to announce that there will be no rate increase in the coming year. San Isabel has held the same pricing since 2014, holding on to a stable rate for four consecutive years. In the long term, Members are not expected to see an increase until 2022. A 3.2% increase is projected that year, and a cumulative increase of 7.5% through 2026.

Revenues for the coming year are projected at $57.5 million, with most of this money to be allocated towards improvements, materials, and distributed among the membership. Five million dollars has been allocated for capital improvements, along with several million for maintenance and infrastructure improvements. Starting next year, San Isabel plans to pay out over $900,000 in capital credits to its Members annually.

San Isabel is continuing into the new year with its focus on improvements. Operations is taking the initiative with planned line inspections that will lead to replacement of power lines. A demonstration trailer will be in communities to educate our membership.  Better utilization of apps, such as SmartHub, will be promoted to improve communication to our membership.

As 2017 falls to a close, San Isabel is excited to continue to provide safe and reliable electricity so that our membership gets the best value. San Isabel Electric has been serving its Members non-stop since 1938. The cooperative is a well-established part of the communities it serves, and exists to provide power solutions that are in the best interests of its Member-Owners.

As a not-for-profit cooperative utility, San Isabel Electric Association, Inc. provides electricity to rural communities through Southern Colorado. Serving 20,000 Members, San Isabel Electric Association has been keeping the lights on since 1938.