2023 Proposed rate changes



Preview the presentation about proposed rate changes

San Isabel Electric’s Board of Directors will be discussing 2023 rates at the Huerfano County Community Center, 928 Russell St., Walsenburg, CO, at 6 p.m. on Thursday, November 3. Click the button below to preview the presentation slides about the proposed rate changes. If you’d like a link to watch the meeting, please click here.

Letter from the General Manager

Dear Member-Owners,

Our mission at San Isabel Electric is to deliver on the promise of service and value. Thank you for your trust in us to provide you with reliable, affordable electricity. Our cooperative business model is built on that trusting relationship, and we take this commitment very seriously. From making investments in our system to improving reliability, to closely monitoring expenses, your Board of Directors works to ensure we follow that mission for you, our members. We know you’ve seen cost increases at the gas pump and in retail stores. At San Isabel Electric, we’ve seen cost increases in nearly everything we need to run the cooperative. From fuel to materials to support services, everything in the world we share together is more expensive today.  

Our industry is facing change. As we look to 2023, everything we need to continue providing affordable electricity and maintaining our system is more expensive. Just like you are experiencing in your daily lives, we too feel the impacts of COVID, supply chain issues, and inflation.   

Not having a rate increase since 2014 is something we are very proud of.  Think back to 2014 – that was 3 U.S. Presidents ago.  The world hadn’t even thought of something like COVID impacting us all.  But that was the last time we increased rates – 2014.  Not many businesses can say that! Right now, the projected inflation rate in the state of Colorado is an 8.2 percent increase. This has a direct impact on all of the goods and services we purchase. Inflation also impacts the interest rates we pay on loans to fund upgrades and maintain our system. Tri-State, our power supplier, is also experiencing increased costs.   

Today, a 40-foot class 4 power pole costs $793. That same pole in 2021 cost $489. That’s a 62 percent increase!  Electric cable, underground conduit, wooden cross arms, transformers, and most all of the materials required to maintain our system have significantly increased as well. And labor and overhead costs to recruit and maintain a qualified workforce continue to rise.    

We are looking at a small increase in our access charge to cover these increasing costs in 2023. For Residential and Small Commercial members, the board is considering an increase between $3.50 and $7.00 per month. We will hold a rate hearing for the membership on Thursday, November 3rd, at the Huerfano County Community Center, 928 Russell St., in Walsenburg, at 6:00 p.m. where you can ask questions and learn more about 2023 rates. There’s also an opportunity to view the meeting virtually. If you’d like a link to watch the meeting, please click here

Thank you for trusting us to provide you with reliable, affordable electricity since 1938. 


Ryan Elarton, General Manager 




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