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Building smarter electricity.

More reliable power.

Nearly 2,000 poles, more than 33 miles of power line and 660 transformers serving San Isabel Electric Members are being upgraded to smarter, more efficient technologies which will require less maintenance, fewer repairs and give Members more reliable power.

San Isabel Electric’s long-term plan included upgrades along the entire 69-kilovolt line. The 69-kv line is the main line that serves about half of San Isabel Electric’s territory and a third of Members.

To make the upgrades, Lineworkers must disconnect Members for approximately three hours as they move electric service from the old copper wire to the new steel-core reinforced wire and make additonal upgrades.

Walsenburg Community Grid

Portions of Walsenburg’s old system were built in the early 1900’s, before San Isabel Electric was formed as an electric co-op. When the old system was built, Walsenburg’s micro-grid was powered by a power plant. In 1956, Walsenburg tied into San Isabel Electric’s 69 kilo-volt line, which is also being upgraded. The 69 kilo-volt Rebuild Project stretches from the Burnt Mill exit on I-25 south of Pueblo to Burro Canyon on HWY 12 West of Trinidad and is 42-percent complete.

Portions of the old system are being replaced with modern materials. The smarter, more efficient, modern materials of the new system require fewer repairs, less maintenance, more reliable energy, fewer outages, fewer unexpected costs and help ensure steady rates.

Upgrading the old system to the new system began in 2013. In July of 2017, a full-time crew was dedicated to the City of Walsenburg.

Each stage of the project consumes about 15 blocks, requiring approximately eight weeks to complete the phase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I lose power during the upgrade?

Yes, we must disconnect Members for a few hours to safely move the electricity from the old wire to the new wire and make additional upgrades. The modern upgrades will require fewer repairs, less maintenance, more reliable energy, fewer outages and fewer unexpected costs which will help ensure steady rates for years to come.

Will I be notified before my outage?

Yes, a few days before the outage Lineworkers will go door-to-door to notify Members of the date and approximate time their power will be out. If Lineworkers do not reach the Member, they will leave a door hanger with the date, approximate time of the upgrade and a number to call for questions. On the day of the upgrade, Lineworkers will again go door-to-door to remind Members of the upgrade and the outage. If contact is not made, they will leave a door hanger with the information.

I don't have power and I wasn’t notified of the plan for my upgrade.

Feel free to call our office Toll-Free at 1 (800) 279-7432 or (719) 547-2160 if you have any questions so we can help you with your needs. You can also check the outage map on our homepage for unplanned outage information.

For safety reasons, Members are asked to not approach the Lineworkers in the field for scheduling information and questions about the upgrades.

Why do the rebuild?

The Walsenburg Power system is old and has reached its end of life. We are making the investment in YOU, our Members because to provide you with the most reliable power as possible. The smarter, more efficient, modern materials of the new system require fewer repairs, less maintenance, fewer outages and fewer unexpected costs which helps ensure steady rates for years to come.

  • The new aluminum, steel-core reinforced wire is more durable than the old copper wire, which will require less maintenance and fewer repairs.
  • The new transformers have upgraded lightning protection and internal ground-fault protection.
  • The new poles are made from a more durable wood and are also treated to make them more resistant to weather damage as well as more fire resistant.
  • The old street lights are being upgraded to dark-sky compliant LED street lights.
  • The new system will be able to support future community growth and development better than the old system.
When will I get upgraded?
We will be updating our website with the rebuild progress. The website will show what stage of the rebuild your service is in.
What will happen to my old street light?

All old street lights are getting upgraded to efficient, dark-sky compliant LED’s.

69 kilovolt rebuild

San Isabel 69 kilovolt line serves about half of our territory and a third of our membership. The line, built in the 1950s, is being upgraded  as a multiyear project beginning in 2017 and is expected to end in 2019.

Trinidad Upgrades

Engineering is complete for the Trinidad line upgrades. We are waiting on materials and will begin construction as soon as it arrives. These upgrades will bring increased reliability to our Members on HWY 160 East of Trinidad. The new line will have about three times the capacity of the old line, allowing us to provide backup to the El Moro Industrial Park and surrounding areas. It will use modern construction standards and materials, including upgraded pole class and size.

We hope to finish the project before the end of this year as long as the weather cooperates with us. Outages from the rebuild will be minimal and limited to one outage for a couple minutes. Most will occur at the end of construction to switch everybody to the new feed. Members will be notified before any outages caused by the rebuild occur.