For immediate release:
11 p.m. – Monday, April 20, 2020

In its 30th year of awarding scholarships, San Isabel Electric awarded $33,000 in total scholarship funding to 27 young electric cooperative members in southern Colorado.

“Congratulations to each student for the accomplishments you have worked hard to achieve. Congratulations also to the families and teachers for your love, dedication, and guidance. It is with great pleasure that we honor these outstanding individuals with a San Isabel Electric Scholarship,” San Isabel Electric Board of Directors President Jacque Sikes said.

A total of 48 students completed applications for a scholarship from the local co-op. The San Isabel Electric Board of Directors scored the applicants based on their resume, cover letter, letters of recommendation, their answer to a 300-word essay, as well as the format, grammar and punctuation of their overall application.

Eligibility requirements varied based on each scholarship opportunity, but all of the scholarships require the student to have a parent or legal guardian that is a San Isabel Electric member.

Scholarship funding comes from unclaimed capital credits, money that the electric co-op tried to return to member-owners but went unclaimed. The current list of unclaimed capital credits is published at siea.com/capitalcredits and is available in the April edition of Colorado Country Life magazine.

San Isabel Electric has been awarding scholarships since 1990. In 2019, San Isabel Electric awarded a total of 24 scholarships totaling $33,000. In 2018, San Isabel Electric awarded a total of 22 scholarships totaling $33,000.

The following is a list of students and the scholarships they were awarded:

$5,000 Powered-Up Scholarship recipient:

  • Cenon Caramanzana, Pueblo West High School

$3,000 Powered-up Runner-up Scholarship recipients:

  • Colby Klevin, Pueblo West High School
  • Molly Wolyn, Rye High School

Only students who have a GPA of at least 3.5 and a SAT score of 1200 or higher are eligible to compete for the Powered-Up Scholarship.

Honoring tradition, the school of the student receiving the $5,000 Powered-Up Scholarship, will also receive a $500 donation from the San Isabel Electric Board of Directors.

$1,000 San Isabel Electric Scholarship recipients:

  • Ingrid Hofmeister, Branson School
  • Nicholas Navarette, Hoehne High School
  • Tatum Rivera, Hoehne High School
  • Joshua Waller, Hoehne High School
  • Bryanna Ortiz, John Mall High School
  • Desirae Ortivez, La Veta Junior/Senior High School
  • Nya Sciacca, La Veta Junior/Senior High School
  • Andrew Lutz, Primero Junior/Senior High School
  • Colby  Kleven, Pueblo West High School
  • Molly McGraw, Pueblo West High School
  • Rebekah Moats, Rye High School
  • Molly Wolyn, Rye High School
  • Antonio Arant, Trinidad High School
  • Ricardo Felthager, Trinidad High School
  • Julia   Holden, Trinidad High School

$500 San Isabel Electric scholarship recipients:

  • Angalie Lujan, Hoehne High School
  • Kaiya Swenson, La Veta Junior/Senior High School
  • Anna   Montalbano, La Veta Junior/Senior High School
  • Emily Peterson, Rye High School

$1,000 Vocational Scholarship recipients:

  • Samantha Coca, Aguilar High School
  • Jaycee LaGow, La Veta Junior/Senior High School
  • Abigail Bennett, Rye High School

$1,000 At-large Scholarship recipients:

  • Emily Schmid , Goal Academy High School
  • Melina Faris, Pueblo County High School


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