Royce Anderson, San Isabel Electric’s Safety and Compliance Manager, is retiring this July after nine and a half years of dedicated service to the co-op. His career has significantly and positively impacted the  company’s members by reducing outages, maintaining low rates, and improving community services.

From a young age, Royce was determined to join law enforcement and ride motorcycles. He achieved his dream with the Colorado State Patrol, serving as a State Trooper for 25 years and a motorcycle trooper for  part of his career. After retiring, he further honed his safety expertise with the Colorado Rural Electric Association, becoming an OSHA instructor and earning several safety certifications.

“His past career as a state trooper came with trust and credibility that usually takes a lot of time to earn. His respect for process and procedure has improved our relationships with outside agencies,” said Darryl  Stewart, SIEA Chief Operating Officer. Royce’s ability to foster strong relationships was crucial in system upgrade projects that cut outage frequency and duration, benefiting member-owners across our territory. Royce also facilitated the expansion of broadband and telecommunications by streamlining contracts for attaching equipment to San Isabel Electric’s power poles. His diligent compliance work earned the company discounts on workers’ compensation insurance, saving thousands of dollars annually.

“Anytime we have significant savings like that, it impacts the overall affordability of the electricity and other services we provide,” San Isabel Electric General Manager Ryan Elarton noted.

Replacing Royce will be challenging due to his unique qualifications and extensive knowledge of Colorado. His expertise is not easily replicated, especially his familiarity with local roads and landmarks. Royce is ready to use that knowledge and explore Colorado and the rest of the U.S. in his brand-new RV with his wife.

“We’re like kids in a candy store,” he said, eager to embark on this new journey.

In retirement, Royce plans to carry his attention to detail into his hobby of engineering and to continue being active in his church. “Royce found joy, fulfillment, and purpose in his career; I’m confident he will find it in this new chapter of his life as well. We wish him all the best,” Elarton added.