As the anticipation builds for San Isabel Electric Association’s upcoming annual meeting, we are thrilled to announce a continuation of our tradition of supporting local artisans. Following last year’s success of including a handcrafted mug in our annual meeting member gift, we are delighted to unveil this year’s special gift: locally made bowls! The bowls will be crafted with care by the same three talented potters from our community that created mugs last year.


Meet the Artisans

Lori Hannan: With over 25 years of experience, Lori’s work reflects her deep connection to nature. Her signature style, characterized by earthy glazes and raw clay bottoms, promises to bring a touch of the outdoors to each bowl.

Patti Paiz-Jones: Renowned for her mastery of sgraffito, Patti infuses her creations with intricate designs inspired by the beauty of our surroundings. Her hand-drawn motifs will grace our bowls, serving as a testament to the natural splendor of our region.

Sumi Von Dassow: A seasoned potter with more than four decades of experience, Sumi’s vibrant and dynamic pottery captures the colors of Southern Colorado’s landscape. Her use of overlapping glazes will imbue each bowl with a sense of energy and vitality.


Embracing Local Artistry

At San Isabel Electric, we believe in celebrating the rich tapestry of talent within our community. By commissioning these locally made bowls, we not only honor the craftsmanship of Lori, Patti, and Sumi but also reaffirm our commitment to supporting our region’s artisans.

All of San Isabel Electric’s member-owners are invited to join us at this year’s annual meeting, where they will receive their special gift— which includes a beautifully crafted bowl, designed to be cherished for years to come.

Keeping with tradition, each member in attendance will receive at attendance gift including a handcrafted bowl. We hope to see you at our annual meeting, Saturday, September 21 at Walsenburg Jr. Sr. High School!