Students that applied for scholarships from San Isabel Electric for the 2024-2025 academic year have shattered all previous records.

The board of directors selected 39 outstanding students to receive $1,000 scholarships, surpassing all previous numbers of both scholarships awarded and the total dollar amount awarded.

What’s particularly noteworthy is that every southern Colorado school that receives electricity from San Isabel Electric has at least one deserving student benefiting from a scholarship.

But at the heart of the scholarship program is the $4,000 Powered-Up Scholarship. While traditionally awarded to students aiming for a 4-year degree, this year marks a significant shift.

This year, the recipient for this prestigious award is not only seeking a two-year certificate in the trades, but is a working female welder as well as a full-time high school student,

With a future as bright as her welding torch, Hannah Kinnison of the Primero School District, plans to leverage her scholarships from San Isabel Electric to finish her general studies associate degree, earn a welding certificate, and subsequently enroll in the heavy machinery and diesel mechanics program at Trinidad State.

Three exceptional candidates were in the running for the Powered-Up scholarship, each with a story of ambition and determination. While only one could claim the top prize, the board was so moved by their passion and drive that they decided to extend additional $2,500 Runner-Up Powered-Up Scholarships to two runners-up, Haily Maurer of Pueblo West High School, and Bryan Williams of Hoehne School District.

The Powered-Up and the Runner-Up Scholarships are in addition to the $1,000 scholarships awards. So, Kinnison will receive $5,000 from SIEA, and Mauer and Williams will each receive $3,500.

“It’s our hope that these scholarships are not just a financial boost but a vote of confidence in their abilities,” San Isabel Electric Board President Edward Garcia said.

Each application was evaluated individually by the board using a rubric that assessed various criteria such as community involvement, leadership potential, academic achievement and goals. While we are not able to support the academic efforts of all the worthwhile students in our communities, the following 39 students have earned scholarships from San Isabel Electric:

Aguilar High School
  • Dante Gonzales
Branson High School
  • Cole Hofmeister
  • Brock Doherty
Christian Academy of America
  • Jessamae Lague
Florence High School
  • Jacob Brooks
Goal Academy
  • Zoee Cappellucci
  • Jordyn Hardcastle
Hoehne High School
  • Chrisily Furia
  • Kami Furia
  • Bryan Williams
La Veta High School
  • Brayden Nix
  • Madeline Bjorum
Primero High School
  • Hannah Kinnison
  • Shawn Martinez
  • Pueblo Central High School
  • Grace Venn
Pueblo County High School
  • Amanda Alfonso
  • Jessie Christie
  • Jack Walsh
Pueblo West High School
  • Addison Andrews
  • Ashley Cordova
  • Elizabeth Daugherty
  • Rylee Hardiway
  • Hayden Herlickson
  • Hailey Maurer
  • Ava Pecoraro
  • Philip Rasmussen
  • John Velasquez IV
  • Emmelia Warner
Rye High School
  • Sofia Crosson
  • Faith DeRudder
  • Brendan Gray
  • Katelyn Huskins
  • Milena LaForest
  • Alexia Provenza
  • Caelen Sirbu
Swallows Charter Academy
  • Chesney Escalante
  • Jodi Griffin
  • Trevor Vigil
Walsenburg Jr./Sr. High School
  • Antonia Martinez

More information about San Isabel Electric’s scholarship program can be found at siea.com/scholarships. Applications for future doers and dreamers open for the 2024-2025 academic year on November 1. In 2024, San Isabel Electric awarded $48,000 in scholarships. San Isabel Electric has been awarding scholarships since 1990.

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