As of June 2024, Shauna Vucetich wrapped up her twelve year career at San Isabel Electric. Her SIEA family knows her for her wonderful laugh, love of animals, and incredible attention to detail.

For most of her tenure at SIEA, Shauna worked as a Member Service Representative in the Trinidad and Pueblo West offices. Over the last four years, she worked in the billing department where she took on the crucial responsibility of importing, monitoring, and verifying the accuracy of meter reads. While Shauna found fulfillment in her work, it is the camaraderie of her colleagues and friends that she will miss the most. She said their support and companionship made every day special for her.

When asked about retirement, she said she is eagerly anticipating moving to the country and recharging her battery. “My battery light is blinking,” she joked. Shauna is ready to immerse herself in doing the things she’s always wanted more time to do: reading, gardening, canning, quilting, and enjoying the peace and quiet. “I finally have come to a point in my life where I might actually get to do some things I really have been longing to do and have the time to do them,” she said.

Good luck, Shauna! We hope your days are filled with endless sunshine, laughter, and nature.