The San Isabel Electric Board of Directors has reached a historic milestone becoming the only board in Colorado to have earned this achievement. All seven members of the board of directors have earned their National Rural Electric Cooperative Association Board Leadership Certificates, marking a significant achievement not only for the company but also for the cooperative community at large.

The journey toward this accomplishment began with the Credentialed Cooperative Director program. The five classes required to earn this certificate equip leaders with essential knowledge and skills to effectively serve their cooperative and its members.

What sets San Isabel Electric apart is the board’s commitment to leadership training. Six board members have also attained the Director Gold certificate. This distinction signifies an exceptional level of expertise and dedication to cooperative governance. It represents a culmination of efforts to cultivate capable and knowledgeable leadership within SIEA, ensuring that decisions are made with careful consideration and in the best interest of the cooperative and its members.

This milestone is noteworthy within the broader cooperative community. While SIEA is celebrating its achievement, it’s important to recognize that only 35 out of more than 900 cooperatives across the country have reached a similar milestone.

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