For immediate release:
8:00 a.m. Friday, February 5, 2020

A new electric vehicle (EV) pilot program hosted by San Isabel Electric and power-supplier Tri-State Generation and Transmission will set out to better understand how EV’s are driving and charging in San Isabel Electric’ service territory.

Participating EV drivers will receive an easy to install telematics device, which collects charging data directly from the vehicle. This anonymized data, which includes where and when EVs charge, will be analyzed to better understand how EVs impact SIEA’s existing infrastructure and provide insights for future offers for EV customers.

Enrolled participants will receive $100 for joining and participating in the year long program. Participants will also get access to a data rich portal that provides information about their EV, such as driving efficiency, battery health, GHG emissions and more.

“As an electric cooperative we work hard to be a valuable part of the communities we serve. Taking the opportunity to learn about electric vehicles, and our members experience with transportation technology of the future – is an example of how we are trying to live up to that commitment,” San Isabel Electric General Manager Reg Rudolph said.

As of January 2021, there were 24 plug-in electric vehicles registered to San Isabel Electric member-owners, according to the State of Colorado.

Studies show, the most common three barriers preventing wide-spread EV adoption are based on myths: range anxiety, expense and lack of EV charging infrastructure.

Myth #1: Range anxiety

  • Most EV’s go 150 to 280 miles on a single charge.
  • Most people drive less than 30 miles a day.
  • Newer EV’s can go 300+ miles on a single charge.
  • EV hybrids can travel up to 650 miles on a single charge.

Myth #2: They’re expensive

  • EV’s have lower fuel costs. EV operation can be three to five times cheaper than gasoline and diesel-powered cars, depending on your local gasoline and electric rates.
  • Electric vehicles have no moving parts, other than wheels, and have much lower operating costs because there is virtually zero maintenance.
  • There are up to $ 500 in rebates from San Isabel Electric on top of state and tax incentives to help lower the up-front cost of buying a new vehicle. There are other rebates available for installing EV chargers for residential and commercial accounts. Colorado has the greatest amount of EV tax incentives and rebates available to residents.

Myth #3: Lack of EV charging infrastructure

  • It is the state’s goal to have electric vehicle charging stations every 50 miles along major highways and interstates.
  • SIEA has installed five chargers in the SIEA service area in the last two years.

For more information, or for EV owners who are looking to enroll in the program, contact SIEA’s Energy Solutions Manager Jon Beyer at Jon.Beyer@wordpress-666784-2187745.cloudwaysapps.com.

For more information about general electric vehicle education please visit SIEA.com/Empower/EVEducation.


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