Pueblo West, CO– March 7, 2019– Spring is the perfect time to get started on projects that can cut down on summer cooling bills. Costs associated with cooling your home can make up a large portion of your summer electric bills.

San Isabel Electric offers several low-cost products, no-cost energy-saving tips and free services to co-op member-owners to help stay cool and save money in the summer.

Whole house fans
Whole house fans can be used to save up to 50-90 percent of A/C-related energy costs by reducing the amount of time and the frequency A/C is used.

Whole house fans can cool homes for just pennies an hour by shifting cooling from daytime to nighttime. Whole house fans use the free cool air available in the evening, overnight, and early morning hours to cool the home instead of recycling hot, stale ambient air like a closed-loop A/C unit.

San Isabel Electric member-owners can purchase QuietCool whole house fan systems directly through the co-op. When it’s cooler outdoors than indoors, the QuietCool system exchanges the stale air, with fresh, cool outside air through an open-loop whole house ventilation system. Whole house fans can cool a home at a fraction of the cost of running an air conditioner.

Closing windows, blinds and drapes during the day is another way to reduce the time and frequency of running other cooling systems.

Free home-energy assessments
Free in-home energy assessments and online self-assessments are exclusively available to San Isabel Electric member-owners only. The self-home-energy assessment is available online 24/7. After entering their six-digit account number, co-op members can take the online self-home-energy-assessment to learn about low-cost projects that can reduce electricity consumption and available rebates through the co-op.

At no charge, members can request a face-to-face audit with San Isabel Electric’s Energy Services Specialist Benji Clementi who will inspect how energy is used in the home and evaluate measures to take to use less energy. The inspection will reveal problems that may, when corrected, save significant amounts of money over time.

More information about San Isabel Electric energy-saving products and services, including QuietCool whole house fan systems and the co-ops free home energy assessments can be found at siea.com/energyresources.

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