District 8:

Pueblo West Proper


Represented by Doris Morgan, Board Secretary

Pueblo West, CO
(719) 250-1525

Doris Morgan is presently serving as the Board Secretary on the San Isabel Electric Board of Directors, representing District 8.  Ms. Morgan was first elected to the Board of Directors in 2015 and was recently re-elected in 2022.  She is a Cooperative Credentialed Director, Board Leadership Certified, and holds the Director Gold Credential from the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.

Ms. Morgan is a retired congressional staffer with 21 years of experience. She began her congressional work in 1990 and retired in 2014.

Her expertise was in public awareness, problem solving and working through the red tape within federal agencies and Congress. She was well known in the sixteen-county area as the “go to” staff person to get assistance.

Ms. Morgan successfully completed numerous educational classes while working in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate to expand her knowledge on the operations of congressional offices and Congress. She is a Credentialed Cooperative Director, Board Leadership certified, and holds the Director Gold Credential from the National Rural Electric Association. These have assisted her in building knowledge and to govern in board capacities. She currently serves on the Rural Community Assistance Corporation Board of Directors. (RCAC).

Her work in serving Colorado Members of Congress, San Isabel Cooperative Board, Action 22 President, and Colorado Boys Ranch Board Foundation has led to a higher level of communication and trust with constituents, electric consumers, co-directors, and associates.

Ms. Morgan has been acknowledged for her networking and rapport within Pueblo West and throughout SE Colorado. Her desire is to continue learning, to work and serve in a manner that will benefit the Pueblo West San Isabel Electric consumer-members and community.