Lighting and Equipment Rebates

Commercial Lighting Efficiency

Save your business money with lighting efficiency improvements. Switching to energy efficient lighting can help control costs and increase building performance. Cash rebates can help offset the upfront costs of the energy improvements and speed up your return on investment.

Pictured above: A hexagaonal honeycomb fixture lights up a classroom at the Primero School in Weston, CO. The fixture was part of an LED retrofit upgrade project in 2019. The school district received a rebate of more than $7,500 from San Isabel Electric and power-supplier Tri-State Generation & Transmission.

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Can’t find a rebate to match your lighting project? If you have additional questions, need to receive an application or verify that you meet all requirements to qualify for a rebate, please contact Empower, San Isabel Electric’s energy-saving products and services program.

Who Qualifies

To earn rebates through Empower by San Isabel Electric’s business and commercial lighting rebate and efficiency program you must:

  • Be a San Isabel Electric member
  • Purchase qualifying equipment

Why Switch?

Switching to LED and making lighting efficiency improvement benefits your business.

How to Get Started

Contact Empower by San Isabel Electric to begin a Business and Commercial Lighting Efficiency Program application. View the LED Rebate list for qualifying rebates.

After purchasing and installing qualifying equipment, supply Empower by San Isabel Electric to complete your rebate application. Your rebate will arrive in four to five weeks from your submission of final proof of purchase. Applications must be completed within 120 days of the invoice or receipt date of the equipment you purchased.

Lighting Upgrades or Installations for New Construction Projects

We’ll show you how it’s done, whether you’re upgrading existing lighting or beginning a new construction project. Save with a wide range of retrofit rebates of LED indoor and outdoor fixtures, bulbs, signage and more. See our LED Rebates list for full details. Take advantage of our free consulting services to integrate energy and cost-saving strategies in your project that can save money, energy and increase productivity.

Empower Commercial

Our solutions are as diverse as your needs. From energy evaluation to implementation, financing, and maintenance, Empower works with its energy partners to develop customized solutions that maximize economic and environmental value. Whether it’s solar and batteries, combined heat and power, or insulation and mechanical system upgrades, we build projects around partner goals and opportunities. Together, we navigate the energy alternatives and empower you to make smart business decisions. Click here for more information.

In October 2017, more than 450 light fixtures were upgraded to LED at First Choice Market in Walsenburg, which earned owner Hugh Brown a $17,955 rebate, an average of $950 monthly savings on his electric bill the following spring and increased the lifespan of the lights nearly eight times.

Two grocers burned out on high energy bills received rebates totaling nearly $30,000 for retrofitting their stores with LED lighting.

The grocers’ faces lit up when they spoke about how the upgrades and rebates helped them serve their communities.

“It took us from LED being a good idea to a great idea because we were able to receive that rebate back from San Isabel and utilized that in other areas for other things,” said First Choice Market Owner Hugh Brown as he passionately spoke about the importance to the community for him to have a sustainable business plan. Read more…

Hugh Brown

Owner, First Choice Market

Pueblo County School District 70 is saving more than half-a-million dollars thanks to the $110,000 commercial lighting rebate and about $414,000 in anticipated electric bill cost-savings.

“The main thing that helped pay for the repairs was retrofitting the old lights to LED. Lighting rebates were a huge factor in making the Energy Performance Contract work,” explained District 70’s Director of Business Services TJ Vinci, who oversaw the project.

Every accessible light bulb and fixture that could be retrofitted with LED in every District 70 building was upgraded, except for some football stadium lights. Read more…

TJ Vinci

Director of Business Services, Pueblo County School District 70

Las Animas County has earned a $12,008.91 rebate through San Isabel Electric’s commercial lighting rebate program. Las Animas County taxpayers could save thousands of dollars throughout the next year because of the LED light installations in several buildings at the Las Animas County Fairgrounds.

In addition to earning a San Isabel Electric rebate, the project was intended to not only save money on energy bills but also to reduce lighting maintenance costs and to improve the color and quality of lighting in the buildings. Read more…

Ken Bowman

Facilities Supervisor, Las Animas County Goverment

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