Outage Procedures

We do our best to avoid power outages, but sometimes Mother Nature has different plans.

Here’s how we go to work when you find yourself in the dark.

High-Voltage Transmission Lines

These lines supply power to transmission substations and rarely fail, but when damaged, line crews must repair these first.

Distribution Substation

Substations can serve hundreds or thousands of members. When an outage occurs, line crews inspect substations to determine where repairs must be made

Distribution Power Lines

If the outage can’t be isolated at distribution substations, we inspect the distribution lines. These are lines that carry power to your community

Tap Lines

If the power outage persists, we inspect the tap lines. These lines deliver power to the transformers located on utility poles or on pads for underground service.

Individual Homes

If your home remains without power, the service line between the transformer and your home maybe the culprit.

Keeping you updated

Outage alerts are available with SmartHub, and outage updates are posted on our home page every two hours.

Our employees work very hard to keep your power on, but unfortunately, outages do happen for various reasons. When you experience an outage, reporting it online is easy when you still have power in the palm of your hand. Using the data on your phone you can use SmartHub, San Isabel Electric’s mobile account management app.

Just sign in, scroll to the bottom of the page and click REPORT AN ISSUE.
Select POWER OUTAGE and enter the outage info on the next screen.
You can also report an outage by CALLING 1-800-279-7432.