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Empower makes solar more affordable

Reducing your electric consumption before going solar results in a smaller-sized system saving you thousands in upfront costs and interest. Bundling solar with pre-solar energy efficiency upgrades can make your solar power generation system more affordable, and help you begin generating savings from day one.

Tying Solar into the Electric Grid

Most solar systems are connected to the electric grid. These systems are called “grid-tied”, meaning that electricity can flow to and from the grid. When your solar array generates more power than your home needs, the excess is sent out onto the electric grid, where it is used nearby. Likewise, when your solar array isn’t producing enough electricity to meet your needs, you’re able to consume electricity from the grid. This is called net metering. Net metering is the policy that makes compensation for your solar electricity production possible, allowing you to offset your electric bill with that production. In Colorado, net metering allows for a one-to-one credit for your solar electricity.