Make bill payment easy with

SmartHub’s convenient payment options.



SmartHub is a web and mobile app that allows you to take control of all aspects of your San Isabel Electric account. Pay your bill, manage your use, and contact us with service issues quickly and easily online or on your mobile device.

  • Manage your account
  • View and pay your bill
  • Monitor usage (click the below links to learn more)
    • Energy Explorer Tool
      • SmartHub’s Energy Explorer tool provides real-time energy usage data, down to the hour, so members can identify high-energy consumption times, and make adjustments 
    • Budget Gauge Tool
      • SmartHub’s Budget Gauge tool can be used to monitor daily usage data to see how a member’s monthly electric bill will be affected by more or less electricity usage.  
    • Power Usage Alert Tool
      • SmartHub’s Power Usage Alert feature allows members to setup hourly or daily usage thresholds and be notified if the thresholds are met or exceeded.   
  • Report service issues
  • Receive important updates

Pay Now

San Isabel Electric is making it easy for you to pay your electric bill or any billed invoice without having to create a SmartHub account or logging in. Simply input your account number from your invoice or bill and your last name, or the name of your business, to make a payment. Simply click here.

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Report outages

When you experience an outage, reporting it is easy when you still have power in the palm of your hand. Using the data on your phone you can use SmartHub, San Isabel Electric’s mobile account management app.


Text OUT to 844-959-3013
  • Just text OUT to 844-959-3013 to report a power outage.  This is the same toll-free number that you receive text notifications from, if you are signed up for text notifications about outages, billing and other services. Make sure to save this number in your phone’s contacts for easy future reference. 
Use the SmartHub App
  • Log into your account from your smart device.
  • Click on … ] for More. Click on Contact Us, Report an Issue/Inquiry, and Power Outage. Make sure to check your breakers and fuses before clicking Accept 
Use SmartHub online
  • Log into your account. Click on Report an Issue/Inquiry, then select Power Outage. Make sure to check your breakers and fuses before clicking Accept 
Text & Email Alerts

Sign-up to receive text and email notifications about outages in your area. Notifications may be sent when you still have power, but when there is an outage somewhere in your area. 

From your smartphone:
1. Click on “More” at the bottom of your screen.
2. Click “Settings” and then click “Contact Methods”.
3. Click the option for “Phone” and/or “Email.”
4. Proceed to enter the necessary information.
5. Once contact methods are complete, go back to “Settings.”
6. Click “Manage Notifications” then click “Service.”
7. Click on each section and turn on the notifications for the phone and/or email option.

Outage status updates are also available at SIEA.com only for large outages. Large outages are outages that are affecting more than 100 meters.  Updates are posted on SIEA.com at least every two hours, between the hours of 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., until power is restored.