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Empower Certified Homes

Moving toward full electrification of your household could help you save money, help the environment, and improve your overall quality of life. All of this is made possible through beneficial electrification. Read More

Can cut electricity rate by nearly 50% during off-peak hours (SIEA Members only)

Click here to learn more about SIEA’s time of use rate. Call 800-279-7432 (SIEA) for more information about products that qualify you for the time of use rate.

Energy Efficient

Uses energy in the most efficient way possible.


Provides consistent heating and cooling year-round.

In an Empower certified home you will find:

QuietCool Whole House Fan

Marathon Water Heater or Hybrid Heat Pump

Electric Thermal Storage HEATER or Low Temp Heat Pump

Upgraded Insulation

Ev Ready

Extensive Air Sealing

LED Lighting

High Efficiency Windows

* Empower homes with solar installations are not eligible for time of use rates.

Empower Certified Home Builders:

Mountain Homes


(719) 850-3422


For information on how to become an Empower Certified Home Builder, call 800-279-7432 (SIEA). Not a builder? Contact us to see which Empower products and services are available to customize you new home.

Empower Certified Home Products

The following products are available for your Empower Certified Home. Click on the product for more information, rebates available to members, and tax credits.



The most important reason for certifying the energy performance of a home is to clearly communicate the value of the home’s added features to the marketplace. Certification supports the home’s higher appraised value and encourages higher levels of financing to cover any cost of energy improvements. In a rental market, certification can make the case for higher rents. Third-party certification is an important way to verify that the home is a genuine net zero home under normal use conditions.

When comparing homes, make sure to consider the energy costs as a part of the overall cost of ownership—you will generally find that homes with energy certifications offer a more comfortable home for a lower overall cost.



The most common home energy efficiency rating in the U.S. is the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index, which generates a HERS Index Score. The HERS analysis consists of diagnostic testing conducted with a blower door test, a duct leakage tester, and visual inspection. Read More



ZERH is a certification program for new homes that optimize efficiency, manage related risks, and help ensure future readiness. DOE-certified ZERH is a high-performance home that is so energy efficient, most or all of its annual energy use can be offset with renewable energy. Read More


FYI as of 06/16/20 per HB20-1155 Higher Efficiency New Construction Residence, State law requires that a home builder offer each of the following options to the buyer of a new home:

  • A solar panel system or a solar thermal system;
  • To prewire or preplumb the home for these systems; or
  • A chase or conduit to wire or plumb the home for these systems in the future.

As well as one of the following:

  • An electric vehicle charging system;
  • Upgrades of wiring to accommodate future installation of an electric vehicle charging system; or
  • A 208- to 240-volt alternating current plug-in located in a place accessible to a motor vehicle parking area.

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