The electric vehicle charging station at the Pueblo West Library consists of two ChargePoint chargers, one Level 2 and one Level 3 charger. This page will help members set up and use the ChargePoint app, step by step instructions and a video on how to use a ChargePoint charger, what the cost/rates are for consumers, and where to call for assistance.

Using ChargePoint

After you get the ChargePoint app and create an account, you’re ready to start charging. Find a place to charge using the app, which recommends stations that work with your EV.


Are you a ChargePoint EV driver who needs help now? Call ChargePoint for a quick, helpful answer. ChargePoint takes care of EV drivers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for charging session support and ChargePoint account assistance. For assistance call 1-888-758-4389 or visit the ChargePoint’s support page.

Locating a Charging Station

The majority of EV owners charge their cars at either home or work. But where do you charge when those places aren’t an option? While gas stations are easy to find and pretty much always front and center, this isn’t the case for the majority of EV charging stations. Many EV drivers turn to their favorite apps or websites to plan their route or find a charger near them. Some examples of these are PlugShare (shown on this page), Google Maps, Open Charge, ChargeHub, and Choose Energy.

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How to use the Pueblo West Library EV Charging Station

Step 1: Tap In

Tap your phone (with the app signed in to your account) or ChargePoint card on the station to unlock the charging connector. Or, tap the orange “Start Charge” button on the station info page in the app.

Step 2: Lift the Connector

Push the button on the connector to lift it out of the holster.

Step 3: Plug In (and Check In)

Plug the connector into your EV (and hit the blue button to start charging, for fast charging). Check your EV to make sure you’re charging (there are often indicator lights on the dashboard).

Step 4: Do Your Thing

Relax and go about your day. We’ll send you an update when your car is done charging.

Step 5: Tap Out

When you get back to your EV, tap your phone or card (and push the blue button, for fast charging) to end your session. The station will show you how much it cost and we’ll send you a receipt.

Don’t forget to unplug the connector and put it back in the holster. Then, drive away happier in your fully charged EV.


The rate for both ChargePoint chargers is the same as the rate that you buy electricity at your house, 14.3/kwh cents plus a $2.00 base charge.


Move along – When you’re done charging, try to move your car as soon as you’re able, so others can fill up their EVs. The ChargePoint app will let you know when you’re fully charged and it’s time to move. 

Don’t unplug others – It’s really not polite to unplug other EV drivers from charging stations. Try to avoid it unless you’re sure someone is charged and you’re absolutely desperate to fill up, or if someone left a note saying it’s fine to unplug them. 

Don’t always aim for 100% – Topping off around town is a convenient way to keep your battery full or nearly so. But if you have 80 or 90 percent battery and start a charge, someone might pull up soon who’s at 10 percent and desperately in need of electrons. So if your battery is pretty full (or if you drive a PHEV and can count on your gas engine in a pinch), consider just getting a charge later or at home, unless you really need the extra miles to get where you’re going. 

Tip off other drivers – The ChargePoint app offers lots of ways for EV drivers to help each other out. You can leave a Driver tip or Station photo to help other drivers find a station, or give tips about parking fees.

The Pueblo West Library charging station is brought to you by San Isabel Electric, Pueblo County Energy Office, Pueblo City-County Library District, Bank of the San Juans, the Renewable Energy Owners Coalition of America, and Pueblo West Metro District.