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Air Source Heat Pumps

Air-source heat pumps are an ideal low-carbon HVAC package that provide all-in-one, highly efficient heating and cooling for residences. While most buildings have a furnace and separate air conditioning system to stay comfortable year-round, those with heat pumps generally only need one system.

Heat pumps have been used for decades, but today’s units operate at previously unmatched levels of efficiency with tough and reliable compressors. Heat pumps cool your house by removing heat energy from the home and pumping it outdoors. To heat your home, a heat pump absorbs heat energy from outside air – even in extremely cold temperatures – and transfers it inside the home. This is ‘greener’ and more efficient than burning fuels to create heat, as a furnace does, and is ideally paired with a PV system.

Southern Colorado’s moderate climate is perfect for heat pump use, as our temperatures do not often fall below subfreezing. Today’s heat pumps are capable of providing comfort in all climate zones.

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All heat pump units qualify for SIEA rebates and are eligible for a $300 federal tax credit through Dec. 31, 2020.



Amount available per ton

Central ground source

  • Electric heat pump (min. 3/4 ton)
  • $500      New installations
  • $250      Unit replacement

Central air source

  • Min. 15 seer rated % 1 ton
  • $450      17.1+ seer rating
  • $300      15-17 seer rating

Integrated ETS back-up

  • $100      Per additional unit

Terminal unit – Through-wall mounted

  • $85        PTAC

To claim a rebate:

  • San Isabel Electric must be your power utility.
  • Submit a completed rebate request form.
  • Requests must be made within 120 of product purchase.
  • SIEA offers more than 30 rebates. A full list of SIEA rebates is available at com/rebates, as well as a rebate request form.
  • Please submit a paid invoice or receipt for each product rebate request.