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Water Heaters

Choosing an energy efficient electric water heater can help reduce monthly water heating bills.

Electric water heaters offer high efficiency performance, quiet operation, better indoor air quality and safety, and greater durability. San Isabel Electric’s water heater program gives members a free State electric water heater when entering into a load control agreement. These water heaters are 95% efficient and carry a 6-year warranty. Members and non-members also can purchase a Rheem Marathon water heater, which is 95% efficient and carries a lifetime tank warranty.

Heat pump water heaters are also optimal, high-efficiency water heaters that use electricity to move heat from one place to another instead of generating heat directly. These water heaters can be two to three times more energy efficient than conventional electric resistance water heaters and have an excellent lifetime payback, especially when paired with solar.

All electric water heaters qualify for SIEA rebates and are eligible for a $300 federal tax credit through Dec. 31, 2020.

Rheem Water Heaters

  • Lifetime tank warranty
  • 95% Efficient
  • 40 – 100 gallon sizes


  • $475 to purchase, free with gas to electric exchange
  • 95% Efficient
  • 6-year warranty


  • $350      Heat pump (30 gal. min)
  • $100      Heat pump powered
  • $100      Marathon electric water heater
  • $80        Tank only (30-55 gal.)
  • $20        Electric tank water heater (30-55 gal.)
  • $25        Heat pump water heater

To claim a rebate:

  • San Isabel Electric must be your power utility.
  • Submit a completed rebate request form.
  • Requests must be made within 120 of product purchase.
  • SIEA offers more than 30 rebates. A full list of SIEA rebates is available at siea.com/rebates, as well as a rebate request form.
  • Please submit a paid invoice or receipt for each product rebate request.