Electric Thermal Storage Heaters

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HALF-Price electricity

HALF-Price electricity

Homes with an electric thermal storage heater get electricity at nearly half the regular rate! Utilize off-peak heating with an electric thermal storage heater and save money on our your entire home’s electric bill! Only members who have installed electric storage heating equipment (ETS units), licensed electric vehicle(s), or battery storage unit(s) approved by San Isabel Electric are eligible for the time of day rate.

How it works

The time-of-day rate, also known as time-of-use or TOU, is a relatively simple concept. Rates are lower during hours when demand for electricity is low (off peak), but costs increase during hours when demand is high (on peak). During off-peak hours, member-owners signed up for the electric storage time-of-day program pay:

  • $0.076 per kWh for the first 1,000 kWh.
  • After the first 1,000 kWh the rate goes down to just $0.062 per kWh.
  • There is an additional $10/month access charge, year-round, for member-owners on time-of-day rates.

How Steffes ETS works

Off-Peak Energy

Steffes ETS systems generate and store vast amounts of heat during off-peak hours, reducing both energy costs and strain on the power grid.

24-Hour Warmth

Exceptionally efficient operation then delivers comfortable, reliable warmth to every room, every hour of the day.

Set It & Forget It

There is no furnace to load, soot to clean or oil to burn. Simply adjust your thermostat, and your Steffes system quietly takes care of the rest.



Ideal for any room in your home. Used as supplemental heat or a direct replacement of electric baseboards or wood stoves.


ETS-heated liquid distributes wonderful warmth to baseboards, floors and radiators.


The ETS system is equipped with a variable speed blower that ensures consistent even temperature output through the home ductwork to meet your comfort requirements.

Much More than lower bills

Consistent comfort

Steffes systems deliver wonderfully consistent heat throughout the house, day and night.

Earth Friendly

Steffes makes smarter use of energy – maximizing off-peak power with exceptionally efficient operation.

User Friendly

Just adjust your thermostat and enjoy.

Clean & Quiet

No coal, oil or pellets means no grime or soot. And exceptional efficiency means nearly silent operation.

Built to Last

Every Steffes unit is engineered and built to exacting standards in North America for years of worry-free comfort.

Superior Service

You’ll never know it’s there, but we’re here if you need us with a 5-year limited parts warranty. If you ever need to call, you’ll speak to us – not a call center.


CLICK HERE for electric thermal storage heater FAQs, User Guides, Selection Guides, and information on how it works.


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