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Net Metering

Application for Interconnecting a Certified Inverter-Based Small Generating Facility Not Larger than 10kW for Residential or 25kW for Small Commercial

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    Interconnection/Processing Fee: A fee of $200.00 must be paid before this Net Metering Application will be processed.
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    The Interconnection/Processing Fee can be paid by mailing or dropping off a check at our Pueblo West Office with the member's name, address, and account number OR online.

    An invoice will be emailed to the Installer email address provided within two business days.

    If mailing or dropping off the payment, please include this invoice with the payment.
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  • Member Name must match the name on the account. Applications with name(s) listed that are not on the account will not be processed.
    This information can be found on the member's bill under "Bill Type".