Toll-Free: 1 (800) 279-7432 | Local: 1 (719) 547-2160

Spring Fire Public Information

Spring Fire power-related information: Updated: 07.16.2018 @ 5:30 p.m.

Line workers have restored power to all the main areas that could take power and are working to rebuild individual lines as requested. If a Member returns home and does not have power, they should call 1-800-279-7432 and select option 1 to either request power to be restored or to request a disconnect. Members should expect to see San Isabel Electric crews in the area for several weeks.


Walsenburg, La Veta and Cuchara Members – please call 800-279-7432 to report an outage until further notice. Due to critical infrastructure damage caused by the #SpringFire our meters cannot communicate back to headquarters.


The La Veta office will remain closed until further notice. Please do not drop off payment there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me if/when power will be restored to my home?

We have restored power to all main areas and are working to rebuild individual lines as requested. If you would like to request power to be restored to your property or request to be disconnected, please call 800-279-7432 and select option 1.

If you have not been to your property and want to know if you have power, please call 800-279-7432 Monday – Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. and a Member Services Representative can check to see if your meter is showing usage. If your meter is not showing usage it doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have power, your meter may not be able to report back through radio communication. The best way to check is to go home and check if you can. If you return home and you don’t have power, please call 800-279-7432 and select option 1.

I’m back home, I’ve already reported my outage, when is my power going to be back on? What is taking so long?

Within two days of your request to restore power, operations staff should be in touch within two business days to discuss restoration. If it has been more than two business days since the request was filed, please call us back at 800-279-7432 Monday – Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

I’d like to go back home, but are there downed power lines in my area and if so is it safe to walk around with them down?

It is never safe to be near downed power lines. If you see a downed power line please call us immediately at 1-800-279-7432. Do not go near power lines and do not touch the power lines. If you know you lost your home or your home has sustained damage, expect hazards in the area. Please contact the health department for instructions on what precautions to take when re-entering burn areas.

All mandatory evacuation orders have been lifted and residents could return home on, July 12th at 6:00 pm.

Here is a list of subdivisions affected by the fire, the status of power to the area and the number of days each subdivision was without power if power has been restored.


Subdivision name Total days without power (power has been restored to the main lines in these areas)
Red Wing 0
   (CR 570 South Red Wing 6 days
Malachite 0
CL&G CR 530 6 days
CL&G CR 540 (Greenhorn) 4 days
Paradise Acres 15 days
Majors Ranch CR 530 6 days
Majors Ranch CR 520 4 days
Navajo Ranch 0
Pinon Hills 0
Tres Valles 6 days
Middle Creek 4 days
Sulfur Springs 6 days
Piney Ridge 6 days
Rasberry Mountain 5 days
Pinehaven 5 days
Pandero 5 days
Spanish Peaks – Brittons 5 days
Wahatoya Valley 0
School Creek 0
Shangril La 0
Little Kansas 0
Forbes Park 17 days

Mobile power substation is ready for Spring Fire deployment.

San Isabel Electric has our mobile power substation, stockpiles of equipment and materials, and contractors on standby, ready to deploy as soon as fire managers say it is safe to enter the burn area. Click on the pictures below to learn more.

We have found two live feeds of the Spring Fire located on the Viaero Wireless website at: http://www.viaero.com/community/live-weather-videos/la-veta-co and http://www.viaero.com/community/live-weather-videos/sangre-de-cristo-co