Navajo Ranch

Upgrade Project


At the end of 2019, members in the Navajo Ranch area were experiencing fewer blinks and fewer and shorter power outages. San Isabel Electric made an investment to rebuild the electric system in the Navajo Ranch area with upgraded, modern materials.

The upgrade project began in August and was completed by the end of 2019.

All of the old system, from the ground up, was replaced with a larger, improved system built with new, modern, safer, smarter materials.

  • Old poles were replaced with new poles with cross arms and new conductors. The new crossarms and conductors hold wires in place better helping the system better withstand high-winds and harsh weather conditions.
  • The old copper wire was replaced with new, more durable, aluminum, steel-core reinforced wire, which will require less maintenance and fewer repairs.
  • Lightning and ground-fault protection was added to transformers, increasing safety.
  • Additional re-closers will decrease the number of meters affected by outages. Re-closers are circuit breakers equipped with a mechanism that can automatically close the breaker after it has been opened due to a fault.

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