Trinidad line upgrades are under construction.

  • These upgrades will bring increased reliability to our member-owners on HWY 160 East of Trinidad.
  • The new line will have about three times the capacity of the old line, allowing us to provide backup sources to the surrounding areas to help us restore power faster in an outage.
  • It will use modern construction standards and materials, including upgraded pole class and size.

In January of 2019, construction for a complete ground-up upgrade began on the eight-mile section of line between Highways 160 and 350 in eastern Las Animas County. In addition to reducing the frequency and length of outages, the upgrade is providing increased capacity and redundant power to the surrounding areas. This project was completed in the summer of 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I lose power during the upgrade?

Outages from the rebuild will be minimal and limited to one outage for a couple minutes. Most will occur at the end of construction to switch everybody to the new feed. Member-owners will be notified before any outages caused by the rebuild occur. The modern upgrades will require fewer repairs, less maintenance, more reliable energy, fewer outages and fewer unexpected costs which will help ensure steady rates for years to come.

Will I be notified before my outage?

 Member-owners will be notified before any outages caused by the rebuild occur.

I don't have power and I wasn’t notified of the plan for my upgrade.

Feel free to call our office Toll-Free at 1 (800) 279-7432 or (719) 547-2160 if you have any questions so we can help you with your needs. You can also check the outage map on our homepage for unplanned outage information.

For safety reasons, member-owners are asked to not approach the Lineworkers in the field for scheduling information and questions about the upgrades.

Why do the rebuild?

We are making the investment in YOU, our member-owners to provide you with the most reliable power as possible. The smarter, more efficient, modern materials of the new system require fewer repairs, less maintenance, fewer outages and fewer unexpected costs which helps ensure steady rates for years to come.

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