For embargoed release: 08:00 PM – Wednesday, April 17, 2019

 San Isabel Electric awarded a total of $33,000 through its newly expanded scholarship program on Wednesday, April 17, at 6:00 p.m., at a scholarship banquet at John Mall High School in Walsenburg.

 Scholarship funding comes from unclaimed capital credits, money that the electric co-op tried to return to member-owners but went unclaimed. The current list of unclaimed capital credits was published in local newspapers April 4, 2019 and at

 The $5,000 Powered-Up Scholarship, for the student who had a GPA of at least 3.5 and a SAT score of 1200 or higher was awarded to:

  1. Jordan Cruz- Pueblo West High School

Honoring tradition, Pueblo West High School, the school of the student receiving the $5,000 Powered-Up Scholarship, also received a $500 donation from the San Isabel Electric Board of Directors.

The Powered-Up $3,000 Scholarship runner-up recipients were:

  1. Mikayla Lerch – Pueblo West High School
  2. Marie Moore – Pueblo West High School

For the first time, the member-owned utility awarded five new scholarships in its newly expanded scholarship program.

Vocational Scholarships, for students attending an occupational training program of two-years or less at an accredited vocational school, technical school, community college, or junior college, were awarded to:

  1. Trystan Moltrer- Hoehne High School
  2. JoHannah McKinley- Primero High School
  3. Madison Gookin- Rye High School
  4. Brittany Miller- Rye High School
  5. Samuel Stosek- District 70 Online

At-Large Scholarships, for students who attend a high school outside of San Isabel Electric’s service territory whose parents or guardians are current San Isabel Electric member-owners, were awarded to:

  1. Frederic Schmid – Goal Academy High School
  2. Colton Ortiz – Pueblo South High School
  3. Erin Dionisio – Pueblo County High School


Twelve $1,000 San Isabel Electric Scholarships, for students who plan on attending accredited colleges and universities and whose parents or guardians are current San Isabel Electric member-owners, were awarded to:

  1. Kyle Ramsey – Aguilar High School
  2. Kamryn Baca-Cordova – Hoehne High School
  3. Kyle Rowe – Hoehne High School
  4. Kaitlyn Lasley – John Mall High School
  5. Armando Ruiz – John Mall High School
  6. Kyle Gomez – John Mall High School
  7. Kaylee Corsentino – La Veta High School
  8. Alexis Topping – La Veta High School
  9. Grace Gonzales – Pueblo West High School
  10. Emiree Sutton – Rye High School
  11. Joy Denigan – Rye High School
  12. Taylor Lauritzen – Rye High School
  13. Justin Duran – Trinidad High School

San Isabel Electric has been awarding scholarships since 2000. In 2019, San Isabel Electric awarded a total of 24 scholarships. In 2018, San Isabel Electric awarded a total of 22 scholarships totaling $33,500.

A total of 53 students applied for a scholarship from the local co-op. The San Isabel Electric Board of Directors scored the applicants based on their eligibility and completeness of their application, as well as their answers to a 300-word-essay about a leadership experience and must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. To complete the application, students were required to use the San Isabel Electric application form, provide a high school transcript and a letter of recommendation.

Eligibility requirements varied based on each scholarship opportunity. Information on the full eligibility requirements for each scholarship opportunity is available at

All scholarship opportunities require the applicant or the student’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s) to be a current San Isabel Electric member-owner.


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