Because of increased energy usage during the mid-February extreme cold weather, many co-op member-owners are experiencing higher than normal bills. Most bills issued on Thursday, February 25, include readings that occurred during the February polar freeze.  

I have gas heat, why is my electric bill higher? 

When temperatures go down in winter, heating needs go up, which increases energy use in homes and other spaces. Even if a thermostat is kept at the same temperature inside, the heat pumpfurnace or blower works harder when it gets colder outside – increasing energy use and energy bills as a result.  

Supplemental space heating and water heating are the two biggest drivers of energy use in most households, accounting for more than 50% of a home’s energy use during the winter months.  

What can I do? 

San Isabel Electric wants to work with member-owners struggling to pay their bill. Members are encouraged to contact their co-op to review payment assistance resources and discuss payment options 

SIEA offers several tools to help manage energy usage and stay on budget including: 

  • SmartHub’s Power Usage Alert feature allows members to setup hourly or daily usage thresholds and be notified if the thresholds are met or exceeded.    
  • SmartHub’s Budget Gauge tool can be used to monitor daily usage data to see how a member’s monthly electric bill will be affected by more or less electricity usage.   
  • The Energy Explorer tool provides real-time energy usage data, down to the hour, so members can identify high-energy consumption times, and make adjustments.   

SmartHubSan Isabel Electric’s mobile account management app, is available online at SIEA.com/SmartHub or you can download the app from your smart device’s app store.  

It is important to note, San Isabel Electric does not have variable rates based on usage. That’s because SIEA has long-term contracts with power generation sources to deliver power to homes at a consistent rate.  

If you are concerned about your energy use, San Isabel Electric’s Empower program offers a variety of affordable energy-saving products and services. Loans start as low as $500 with competitive interest rates and terms up to 20 years, with on-bill financingFor more information, please contact the Empower team at empower@wordpress-666784-2187745.cloudwaysapps.com, 719-647-6250 or visit SIEA.com/Empower.