5:00 p.m. – Thursday, January 2, 2020 – San Isabel Electric members can now report power outages and get outage notifications with their mobile phones and computers.

While employees do work hard to keep the lights on, outages do happen.

Since the spring, the co-op has been testing a new outage reporting feature of SmartHub. SmartHub is the co-op’s account management app that’s available on smartphones and on the web. The outage reporting feature is expected to reduce phone line congestion during outages and make it easier for members to report outages, by allowing them to report outages using their smartphones and computers.

“SmartHub puts your power at your fingertips. You don’t need an internet or WiFi connection to use SmartHub. It uses your smartphone’s data plan.” San Isabel Electric Communications Manager Paris Elliott said.

The co-op is also testing SmartHub’s outage notification feature which can send phone, text or email notifications in the event of an outage and when outages are restored. The feature was activated in December 2019. Currently, the notifications go to members in the area of the outage. So, some members may receive a notification about a power outage in their area, even though their meter is not affected, and they have power.

To sign up for outage notifications in the app, members can log into their SmartHub account, click on settings, then the manage notifications tab, the service tab and then choose which notifications they’d like to receive and which contact methods they would like to receive the notifications at.

On the web, members can sign into their account, click on notifications in the menu, then manage notifications and the service tab to choose their notification type and contact method.

More information about SmartHub is available at siea.com/SmartHub.


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