Every year, San Isabel Electric sends up to three young members on weeklong, all-expense paid leadership trips to Washington D.C. and a resort near Steamboat Springs to teach them the tools to better our communities.

San Isabel Electric hasn’t received a single application for either trip, with fewer than seven weeks until the December 31st application deadline.

“It is one thing to read about the memorials in Washington D.C. and see pictures of the sites, but when I was standing in front of them, their beauty and the dedication of the men and women who inspired them became real,” 2018 Youth Tour Participant Joy Denigan said of her experience.

“Politics are real and human when our young San Isabel members realize they have the power to shape our future, because they do have the same opportunities to have a conversation with their congressman as they do with their co-op’s leadership,” San Isabel Electric General Manager Reg Rudolph said. 

At Youth Camp and Youth Tour, participants get to learn how easy it is to be engaged in the law and policy-making process, in Washington, at the state level at the local level—even at their co-op. 

We also teach them about the seven cooperative principles all co-ops are founded upon. Perhaps the most important cooperative principle they learn about is Democratic Owner Control. All electric co-ops are led by local members who can understand and listen to the community. Youth Camp and Youth Tour participants discover they can take advantage of the same opportunities to shape the future of America, in the same way they can shape the future of their electric co-op.

Any high school junior whose family buys power from San Isabel Electric is eligible to apply.

To apply for either opportunity, applicants need to fill out the application located on San Isabel Electric’s website siea.com/youthleadership and create a one-minute video (give or take 15 seconds) that uses one of the seven cooperative principles to explain the impact San Isabel Electric makes in their community.