Huerfano County, CO – May 25, 2018 – San Isabel Electric Association has received reports of a phone scam telling individuals they are past due on their account and without immediate payment their power will be shut off.

Individuals calling from 303-647-9998 may threaten to disconnect electricity service if they are not paid immediately in cash through a third party or by credit card.

When called back, the perpetrator’s greeting mimics Black Hills Energy’s phone system and message options. Representatives who answer calls may claim to represent San Isabel Electric or claim ties to Black Hills Energy, falsely stating Black Hills provides power to San Isabel Electric.

Black Hills Energy does not provide power for San Isabel Electric. SIEA purchases power from Tri-State Generation & Transmission. San Isabel Electric will also never demand immediate cash payment through a third party on past due accounts.

We advise Members with concerns to call our Member Services Representatives at 719-547-2160 or 800-279-7432 to verify the legitimacy of requests of payment history, amounts due or whether an employee was dispatched to your location.

San Isabel Electric’s payment options and account access are also available through our SmartHub app and at www.siea.com/ways-to-pay.

• Don’t give in to a high-pressure call seeking personal information – if someone calls claiming to represent your local utility and they demand immediate payment or personal information, hang up and call the Member service number on your utility bill.
• To verify whether an employee was dispatched to your location, call your utility using the number on your bill or the company’s website. San Isabel Electric employees wear shirts with a San Isabel Electric logo, carry a company-issued photo ID and drive logoed vehicles. Employees will gladly wait outside while you call the company to verify their identity.
• Do not provide your Social Security number, credit card numbers or bank account information to anyone during an unsolicited phone call or an unannounced visit.

As a not-for-profit cooperative utility, San Isabel Electric provides electricity to communities throughout southern Colorado. Serving nearly 20,000 Members and 24,000 meters, San Isabel Electric has been keeping the lights on since 1938.